32nd Sunday Ordinary Time Year B 2018

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Gospel Reflection for 32nd Sunday Ordinary Time, Year B, November 11th 2018


Mark 12:38-44


There was a crowded place with people and a bicycle here and there. A man was pushing a cart to collect rubbish. People growled at him, as if he was in the way. He was doing his job. I just smiled at him, feeling grateful.

It is the small things in every day that can make a big difference. The widow of the gospel threw in two pennies –she gave all she had. Not having much she gave a lot. Life is made up a lot of the small givings. In the family – parents cooking meals every day, to family members not keeping the shower too long when someone wants it! Or on the road – letting someone out in front of you in traffic.

A good friend of mine died around this time of the year. He wrote many books, gave lectures all over the world. He is remembered for these. But more so for the hours spend listening to young people in college, beyond the call of duty. His goodness will be remembered as much as his learning!

The man clearing the rubbish – doing his bit to keep our streets clean and healthy. Let’s be grateful for the small kindnesses of life. They happen every day. They are what Jesus praises and often we forget them. God doesn’t. He forgets sins, faults but never forgets our kindnesses.

Donal Neary SJ

Editor of The Sacred Heart Messenger and National Director of The Apostleship of Prayer