4th Sunday Easter

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Gospel Reflection for 4th Sunday Easter Year C – April 21st 2013

Full scripture for this Sunday is available on our parish website. Daily Scripture is also available. Our parish Prayers of the Faithful for this Sunday are made available on the Dublin Diocesan website.


Jesus said:
The sheep that belong to me listen to my voice;
I know them and they follow me.
I give them eternal life;
they will never be lost
and no one will ever steal them from me.
The Father who gave them to me is greater than anyone,
and no one can steal from the Father.
The Father and I are one.’

John 10:27-30


Ignatius of Loyola had a meditation to offer – that the Divine persons would look down on the world from heaven, and see us all. Many of us were lost. They had compassion and sent one of them, the Son of the Father, to find us and take us home. That was Jesus, Son of God and son of Mary, divine and human, on a life’s mission to guide us to God.

His Own Example
He would do this by his own example and then by leaving the job to us! We are now the ones to be guided and to guide. The good shepherd has made shepherds out of sheep. Only because we are at times lost ourselves can we lead others home. We are in a partnership with God and with each other, each in our own way, and this is the meaning of Vocations Sunday. A vocation in the christian sense is to take part with God in saving his people and in guiding them at lost times.

People today can get lost in many ways – addictions, pornography, unsatisfying relationships, financial anxiety, suicidal despair – the work of the the community of the disciples is to bring the word and the love of God at those points of the journey where we are most lost.

Mirror of Compassion
The compassion of God has sometimes not been mirrored in the christian community’s approach to people when they are at their lowest. Jesus’ heart goes out to all, and especially those in most need, because nobody can steal anyone from God – and nobody can steal God’s love from anyone.

The call today is to give as best we can of ourselves in sharing the best of life we have, in sharing love and compassion and knowing that each of us with whatever our talents and goodness are, can partner God in guiding others to him.

May I respond as fully as I can at this time of my life to your call, o Lord.

Donal Neary SJ

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    joan said:
    April 20, 2013 at 10:05 am

    Thank you for the reflection.

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