28th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A 2017

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Gospel Reflection for 28th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A – October 15th 2017

Full scripture for this Sunday  is available on our parish website. Daily Scripture is also available.


Matthew 22:1-14


The parables say something to us on many levels. They tell us something about ourselves and about God; they also reflect realities of the world around us and the culture we live in. In today’s parable we find out something about the inclusiveness of God’s invitation to live with him always, now and into eternity.

People are invited to the banquet of God; some come, some do not. The story goes further that everyone at the crossroads was invited. In the culture of the time the crossroads was where people of all backgrounds gathered, like the village pump in Ireland. The invitation to those at the crossroads is the invitation to all God’s people.

It is also the invitation to each of us at crossroads in our own life. Whenever we are in crisis, in trouble, stuck at a crossroads to make a decision, God is nearby, part of our life’s process, offering the good things of a banquet.

As we look around in our lives, we can realise that all of us are invited. The danger of all religion is to narrow it down to ‘people of our own faith’. The people of God is the whole human race; the call is to sit down with God and be prepared  to meet anyone with him.

Lord, may your kingdom come among us everywhere in our world.

Donal Neary SJ

Fr Donal Neary SJ is editor of the Sacred Heart Messenger



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