Feast of Christ the King Year A 2017

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Feast of Christ the King Year A – November 25th 2017


Matthew 25:31-46


On his throne of glory in the gospel of this week, Jesus Christ, called King by all, would think only of the poor. He would particularly ask did we at our judgement look after ‘the weak, the stray, the wounded and the lost’ (First Reading  34:11-12.15-17).  He would care also for those who are ‘fat and healthy’. Universal King, a title Jesus never wanted, is Universal Carer. He is the giver of life to all who are in need, and in caring for them, we are caring for him.

The king in Jesus’ tradition was a judge, not to condemn, but to discern different situations and judge what was right and look after those whose rights were trampled upon. Only as the king on the throne of the cross can Jesus want to be called a king.

The response he asks for is care for his migrant, homeless, confused people. To notice how people of every age have their needs and we depend so much on each other to live a decent standard of living. Sometimes we are called to listen, to offer a caring presence; other times to offer practical help, and always to pray. We have none of us caused the terrible suffering of people; but we are all called to be part of the solution.

Jesus the king doesn’t come down from the throne to care for us; he invited us to his throne to care with him for all he cares for.

Notice the needs this week of many around us, near and far. Pray to help.

May I notice that you O Lord, dwell in those most in need?

Donal Neary SJ

If you would like to receive this reflection directly by email rather than through this website, please email me at dneary@messenger.ie requesting this.

Fr Donal Neary SJ is editor of the Sacred Heart Messenger


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