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Fifth Sunday Ordinary Time Year B 2018

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Gospel Reflection for the 5th Sunday Ordinary Time Year B – February 4th 2018


Mark 1:29-39

Look through the gospel for this weekend – Jesus has a busy day: a service and homily in the synagogue, a conflict with devils, supper with Peter’s family and the cure of his mother in law, more care for the sick and the tormented in the cool of the evening, and then to bed. An early start the next morning for prayer and even his prayer was interrupted as they were all looking for him.

The heart of Jesus went out to those in need; they knew that and he was the type of person who would attract those in need.  The healing he communicated was not always physical, but was like a healing of anxiety, guilt and all that weighs us down. A strengthening of ourselves that gives a lift for the future.

This happens still in his care for people today. The church, his community, is to be the people of healing, like a ‘field hospital’ (Pope Francis). The peace of mind people find in prayer or in a holy place is like the ministry of Jesus. The lift of the soul in deep human love, listening and sympathy is also like the ministry of Jesus.

A prayer of breathing:  on the inbreath, let the word peace echo in your mind and heart. On the outbreath the word thanks.

May be presence of Lord these days and always bring peace of mind and heart to those I meet.

Donal Neary SJ

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Fr Donal Neary SJ is editor of the Sacred Heart Messenger

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