13th Sunday Ordinary Time Year B 2018

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Gospel Reflection for 13th Sunday Ordinary Time, Year B, July 1st 2018


Mark 5:21-43


‘If only I could touch the garment’. This was a dream of the woman who was ill. Ill for many years and laughed at a bit by other women. Her dream activated her to go to Jesus with her illness, her hopes and her faith. Her faith opened Jesus’ power to heal.

We bring much to prayer for healing and for strength. The peace and calm of some summer days can encourage us to hope for strength in life and strength in faith. We can find a way to join with others and faith is touched by the faith of others. A journey to some holy place. These are today like the hems of the garment, where we make prayerful contact with the healing Jesus.

The other reality is that we touch the hem of the garment where we are touched by the help and support of others. The ordinary kindnesses in life, the listening ear which consoles, the time given to the sick, our care for the poor, are ways of bringing this touch of the Lord to others.

When the woman touched his garment, she knew something good had happened. We can be people through whom others know that good things happen.

May the love of my heart, Lord, bring your love alive in the world.

Donal Neary SJ

Fr Donal Neary SJ is the Editor of the Sacred Heart Messenger  Magazine


3 thoughts on “13th Sunday Ordinary Time Year B 2018

    Mary Anne said:
    June 26, 2018 at 2:57 pm

    Long ago, in grammar school, everyone got ‘The Messenger of The Sacred Heart’ Is this related … ? Well, anyway, it is nice to see the name again.

      Messenger Gospel Reflections said:
      July 17, 2018 at 9:58 pm

      It is nice to be reminded that ‘The Messenger’ is fondly remembered. The magazine is still in circulation – http://www.messenger.ie/magazine/. This blog contains my weekly Gospel Reflections. Blessings, Donal (Fr Donal Neary SJ, Editor of the Sacred Heart Messenger magazine)

        Mary Anne said:
        July 17, 2018 at 10:13 pm

        Thank you, Father.

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