Gospel of Matthew

Trinity Sunday Year B 2018

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Gospel Reflection for Trinity Sunday, Year B, May 27th 2018

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Matthew 28:16-20


I watched a few ducks waddling near the pond. Their activity looked like a lot of rushing to nowhere. Then they just sit down around the mother – no fuss, protected by her, and she’s got them fed.

Trinity is a feast of rest and mystery; a day to encourage us to rest in the mystery of God — of making us stop and realise that we can never confine God to any of our concepts and even the Trinity idea will not fully explain God.

The rushing ducks reminded me of how our lives can be a bit like rushing to nowhere or in a hurry a lot of the time. That a lot of our hustle of life is a bit like that.  Rushing through a crowded street or for a bus. Breaking speed limits to get somewhere maybe a minute or two earlier. Our impatience at the speed of broadband connection.

Today’s feast is an invitation to rest in the mystery of God and of the love that begins in the eternity of ~God. We recall that we come from God and go to God, created to live in that life with God after death.

Sometimes we are the generations running to nowhere and God is missing but hardly missed. The community of God draws us back. This rest with God helps us at bad times like bereavement, funerals, illness, deep hurt; it enhances the joy of birth and marriage and love and friendship when we can enjoy it all in the presence of God.

Lord, you surround us with love, help us make time to enjoy that love.

Donal Neary SJ

Fr Donal Neary SJ is the Editor of the Sacred Heart Messenger  Magazine