Matthew 13:44-52

17th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A 2017

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Gospel Reflection for 17th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A – July 30th 2017

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Matthew 13:44-52


We may have to search for a while to know what’s best in life. People search in many ways for happiness, depth and meaning in life, for a worthwhile commitment. It may take time to find our way. Much of the gospel of Jesus Christ is about this question, ‘what is my treasure in life?’


Jesus gives an answer more by example than by lectures. We watch that he spends time in prayer, with his disciples in ordinary friendship and in teaching them, and in care for others. We may spend time trying to find this meaning and depth to life in ways that are empty.

There is also the treasure of ourselves. Pope Francis spoke to young people: ‘All of you have a chest, a box, and inside there is a treasure. Your job is to open the chest, discover the treasure, develop it, give it to others and receive from others the treasures they offer.’(Feb 6 2015).

Ways we find meaning in life can be our love and significant relationships, through  our prayer with God and our reading of the gospel and through  the insights and wisdom we have got through life’s experiences. Our gospel today asks us to believe in the treasure of love, faith and meaning in our lives.

This is the searching for our treasure in life, hidden in the field. It is for the sharing and in the sharing we discover more of the treasure.

Donal Neary SJ

Fr Donal Neary SJ is editor of the Sacred Heart Messenger