Matthew 18:15-20

23rd Sunday Ordinary Time Year A 2017

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Gospel Reflection for 23rd Sunday Ordinary Time Year A – September 10th 2017

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Matthew 18:15-20



In the big questions of life – we need the advice, support, correction, love of others. There are times we need the opinion of others. This can help us if we wander into bad companionship, the wrong job, the wrong course, the wrong marriage.

We are afraid to hurt, to be rejected.  Is this why we let so many people drink themselves into trouble and never tell them. The young terror of a neighbourhood, no matter what age, needs to be confronted. Drugs in a neighbourhood are let go. Crime not reported and others are harmed…

In small and big things we are not always right. We have social responsibilities in family and in neighbourhood. Jesus is saying something like that today. We have a responsibility for each other, for the common good. Parents may find this most difficult -to try to guide the family well and not lose them. Even when they are young and making some mistakes, you hope they are not mistakes that last forever, and lead into crime, addiction or mistaken relationships.

Often we need to ask for guidance from God. God wants the best for each of us. We can help each other to goodness, we can support each other, correct each other, and help each other on our way to God.

Guide us Lord in ways of truth and love.

Donal Neary SJ

Fr Donal Neary SJ is editor of the Sacred Heart Messenger

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