Matthew 21:33-43

27th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A 2017

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Gospel Reflection for 27th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A – October 8th 2017

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Matthew 21:33-43


A common image for Jesus is the garden or the vineyard, with comments on wasteland and fruitful land. In this story he looks at stones and points out that a rejected stone, if looked at again, could become the cornerstone of a building. He is referring to prophets who were rejected, and to himself. He would be through his weakness and death, the essential stone of the new temple, the energy through death of the new community.

We live in a throwaway culture. Much of what could be used again is dumped to destroy the earth and the sea. We waste a lot of the daily bread of the people. Jesus asks us always to look again, to see the value of what we may throw aside, especially in our treatment of each other.

Everyone has a value in the eyes of God. Pope Francis noted: ‘When adolescents feel unloved, they may turn to violence, hatred or delinquent behaviour. There is no such thing as bad children or evil adolescents, he said, but there are unhappy people.’ (June 2107). He is asserting that with love and a community of acceptance, everyone has a place and has something to offer, like every stone is valuable to a new building, especially some we may first throw away.

I thank you, Lord, for the wonder of my being.

Donal Neary SJ

Fr Donal Neary SJ is editor of the Sacred Heart Messenger


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